Rules To Be Followed To Get Maximum Benefit From Free Forum Posting

Forum posting is one of the best techniques of off page SEO. Forum participation is a great source to gain instant and quality back links for your website. It is also a very good method to increase the website traffic. It helps in building you brand name and reputation. Their benefit from forum posting gets maximized when our specific forum thread gets indexed and listed in search engine result pages. You get high quality instantly live back links which enhances traffic of your website, increases link juice which will increase Domain Authority and Page Rank of your website, which ultimately leads to higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages.

There are some definite forum rules which required to be followed while making participation:
  • Remember not to post spammed content or duplicate content for the sake of getting a link, rather post unique and informative content so that people should start trusting your website, because it's the words that are representing your brand on internet world.
  • Ensure to provide edifying comments that are relevant to topic as almost every forum follows very strict rules and regulations regarding spammers and following this kind of scenario may lead to be "banned" forever.
  • Make sure you are linking in niche related for example: don't give a dentist link in fitness discussion.
  • Don't make personal comments, talk in a general tone and be certain not to be offensive. 
  • Consider reading all terms and conditions before registering because violation of these T&C may lead to banning.
  • If you are doing forum posting for your website promotion don't place links instantly. Rather initially post some threads (without any link) to build a trust  then you can start promoting your website URL

  • Strengthen your identity as a well-known and expert in that forum, so that people start trusting you, if at some topic you get stucked don't get panic take help of internet, study about it and then post informative reply so that people start give credibility to you.
  • Your participation in forumwebsite should be static which means that it should not be fluctuating that one day your participation is 8-10 times and next day its 2-3 you should make firm participation.
  • Do not make all your posts in short time period you should make it lets say for example after every half hour or one hour so that it should look generic to forum administrators.
By following all these rules I am sure you will get maximum benefits and your brand reputation will certainly increase. Forum posting not only helps us from view point of SEO moreover it enlightens us with new topics which we were not aware of and all in all enhances our knowledge, you meet  with a complete team of experts of same field.