Newbie Guide To Forum Posting

Generally, forum posting is a very good way to interact with different people of same field living worldwide. It’s a place where you can share knowledge ask questions discuss your queries share photographs, videos, informative URL's, attaché file and much more. Above all you can interact and get information from so many people that your concepts gets clear,
knowledge gets sharper and scope of thinking becomes wider, which we assume not possible anywhere not even on top social networking sites because you hardly meet like-minded people there. Therefore it is the best way to get advice for all your question marks you have in your mind.

Forum sites are controlled sites which mean whatever we are posting is initially checked by the administrator of the website and then it is visible in online world. So chances of getting nonsensical answers are just like next to impossible.  Still even if you feel that any post is having violating content or irrelevant material or any other miscatagorized or adult content you can still report to administrator.

From the view-point of SEO, forum posting is a very good way to get your site ranked, crawled, and indexed quickly and often. It is a very good technique to get back links, you can promote multiple URL’s in various ways such as putting them in discussion post, or updating them on home page URL and lastly, endorsing them in signature where your keyword gets “bot’s feed” along with your website URL.
To get started with forum posting you need to get a good free forum posting website which should be passing all basic parameters which are:

1) Niche related
2) Good Page Rank
3) Frequent crawling from search engine bots
4) Last cached by search engine

As you get a forum posting website which passes all the parameter tests, after that the first think you need to do is to is to register yourself in that website.  After registration, you will see on website home page there are many discussion boards of different categories are available for discussion visit on any of these boards and start helping other forum members by solving their problems or if you require some advice for your doubts feel comfortable to “post a new thread”  that describes you problem. I am sure you will definitely gonna get solutions for all your problems they may personal, emotional, mental or any other issue related to society etc.

Once you have made around 15 posts that includes your replies and threads created by you can paste your website link in your profile, but before doing so make sure to read all the terms and conditions of forum website because if you violate their terms and conditions they have the right to ban you or at times they may ban you IP address as well.